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Craig Campbell in his studio


Craig Campbell began sculpting more than

25 years ago and received his BFA in sculpture

from Wichita State University. To further his

goal to create figurative and representational

work, he began a rigorous program of self-study

in the areas of human and animal anatomy,

movement, character, and proportion. He

has created work for both commercial clients

and fine art galleries, and his work has been

commissioned by zoos and theming companies,

toy companies, and the film industry, including

work for The Hobbit, Elysium and Mad Max. He

was a featured artist in the HISTORY channel’s

“Monument Guys” TV series.




 " When I first met Craig Campbell I had the same feeling as when I was standing in the Rodin Museum in Paris. In awe of the genius behind such beautiful creations...

 ... Craig’s sculpture is primarily figurative, or animal related and often has a flair of whimsy. Craig’s focus is to express life through sculpture, and that he certainly does. To see him working is incredibly inspiring

  We too often feel the need to travel to see such beautiful pieces of art or to look in our history only to find them on our door step actively working in our present day. What a gift to be able to be in the presence of a great artist. It does give you a sense of the wonderful and whimsical."


                                                            -excerpt Vintage Revival                                                            


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