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Ulrich Museum of Art


Spring Exhibition Opening Celebration

This Thursday, January 25, 5:30-8 p.m.

Ulrich Museum

We are kicking off our 50th Anniversary year with a celebration of our latest exhibitions! We'll have food, drinks, a chance to make your mark on the Mobile Mural Wall in McKnight atrium, courtesy of Harvester Arts Gallery Place Project. AND an art demo by sculptor Craig Campbell!

This event is free and everyone is welcome!


Check out more at:  Ulrich Museum of Art (

Over the Moon

The Intersection of Art and Emotion: How Craig Campbell's Sculptures Evoke Feelings.

Art has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions within us. Whether it be joy, sadness, awe, or contemplation, the ability of a piece of art to tap into our emotions is a testament to its impact. One artist who adeptly harnesses this power is Craig Campbell, a renowned sculptor known for his ability to create works that resonate on a deep emotional level.

Craig Campbell’s sculptures are mesmerizing in their ability to evoke feelings. Each piece is meticulously crafted to tell a story, capturing the essence of human emotion and experience. Whether it is a sculpture of a joyful dancer caught mid-move or a contemplative figure lost in thought, there is a profound sense of connection that Campbell captures through his art.

One of the most striking aspects of Campbell’s work is his attention to detail. His sculptures are lifelike, with every contour, expression, and gesture meticulously rendered. This attention to detail brings his figures to life, allowing viewers to see themselves reflected in the emotions conveyed. It is this level of authenticity that makes Campbell’s sculptures so evocative – they tap into the universal experiences and emotions that we all share.

Emotions often transcend words, and art serves as a medium to express and communicate these complex feelings. Campbell’s sculptures beautifully illustrate the power of nonverbal communication, allowing viewers to connect with the emotions portrayed in ways that words often fail to capture. The pieces become a visual language for expressing the depth and complexity of human emotions.

Furthermore, Campbell’s choice of materials adds another layer of emotional depth to his sculptures. He often works with bronze, a material that holds historical and symbolic significance. The rich patina of the metal adds a sense of timelessness to his works, while also reflecting the human experience of aging and the passage of time. This choice of material imbues his sculptures with a sense of permanence, further amplifying the emotional impact they have on the viewer.

Craig Campbell’s sculptures have the ability to transport viewers to a different emotional plane. Whether it be through the expressions captured on the faces of his figures or the fluidity of their movements, his art uncovers an emotional truth that resonates deeply within us.

In a world where emotions can sometimes be difficult to express or understand, Craig Campbell’s sculptures provide an outlet for connection and reflection. In their presence, we are invited to explore the depths of our own emotions, as well as the shared experiences that connect us all. Through his art, Campbell reminds us of the power of human connection and the profound ability of art to evoke feelings. NEWSPRONTO.CO.UK



2023 - "ABRACADABRA!" is on the cover of City of Loveland ACTIVITY GUIDE!

Come see ABRACADABRA and all the great sculptures at Sculpture in the Park this year!  

August 11 - 13, Benson Sculpture Garden, Loveland, CO



After filming MONUMENT GUYS for the HISTORY Channel, I was offered my own show!!  It's called THE SAVAGE STUDIO of CRAIG CAMPBELL.  When the pandemic hit, the show was put on hold. Here, we can share the preliminary sketch and a sculpting reel.  Enjoy!



2022 - "ABRACADABRA!" is installed as part of the permanent collection at:


+ Benson Sculpture Garden, Loveland, CO

+ The Heights collection, Little Rock, AR

-please see our Studio page for more photos.

The Boxer
Abracadabra scribble
National Sculpture Society

The Boxer

"The Boxer" wins Fred and Cheryl Newby Patrons Award!

88th Annual Awards Exhibition

Brookgreen Gardens

June 12th - August 22, 2021

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Award Winners Exhibition

October 4 - December 10, 2021

NSS Gallery, New York, New York



Craig Campbell and the National Sculptors' Guild will be placing a new bronze in the Little Rock, Arkansas public art collection, "Abracadabra" will soon add a bit more magic to the area.

This sculpture depicts an aspiring Magician whimsically practicing his tricks for an attentive audience of his dog, a mouse, and a stuffed bunny. My inspiration in creating Abracadabra is as a reminder that there is a power greater than us all and it is important to look for the “magic” in everything. In this piece I set out to create a fun, approachable, engaging monument to the simple joys of life, and the belief that with friends, focus, practice, and perhaps a bit of magic we can overcome all difficulties.

A smile can be contagious! Abracadabra is meant to spread a bit of happiness and hopefully share a smile with all who engage with it.

Follow the process of this Work in Progress Wednesday...




2020 - "Elected Sculptor Member"

Massive thanks to National Sculpture Society Fellows and to all who made this possible! I am exceedingly grateful for the honor of being the newest elected member of the National Sculpture Society.

Founded in 1893, the National Sculpture Society (NSS) was the first organization of professional sculptors formed in the United States. The purpose of the organization was to promote the welfare of American sculptors, although its founding members included several renowned architects. The founding members included such well known figures of the day as Daniel Chester French, Augustus St. Gaudens, Richard Morris Hunt, and Stanford White as well as sculptors less familiar today, such as Herbert Adams, Paul W. Bartlett, Karl Bitter, J. Massey Rhind, Attilio Piccirilli, and John Quincy Adams Ward—who served as the first president for the society.

NSS promotes the knowledge of excellence in sculpture inspired by the natural world. Its members create, interpret, exhibit, collect and support the evolving tradition in American sculpture.

Craig Campbell National Sculptors' Guild




2020 - The National Sculptors' Guild Fellows have elected Craig Campbell as an Associate Member, His work is expressive and covers the gamut of subjects from strong and serious, to playful and imaginative; figurative or wildlife. We can't wait to see what new creations come from his studio and are eager to place some fantastic public art with Craig.

Over the Moon

Over the Moon!

2020 - Our new sculpture "Over the Moon" is installed as part of the permanent collection at Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden, Little Rock AR 

-please see our Studio page for more photos.


Cat and Mouse

2020 - Our new sculpture "Cat and Mouse" is installed as part of a private collection in Wichita, KS

-Please see our Studio page for more photos.


Tuscan Sculpture Symposium 2018

In September of 2018, a group of 8 sculptors gathered together in the heart of Tuscany to sculpt together while experiencing the richness of Renaissance art and culture. Massive thanks to Lorri Acott, Adam Schultz, Philippe Faraut, Serena Bates, Judith Davis, Pati Stajcar, Chris Wilson, Craig Campbell, Herb and Jessica Saperstone, and our friends at La Meridiana for this amazing collaboration.  (check out the video link below).



Tootsie's is a new Dog Spa in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  We had the great pleasure of working with Jill and Kristie to install 10 new unique SCRiBBLeS murals inside and outside the building.  Come on by and check out Tootsie's!

(website link below)


Mud Haus

Mud Haus is a new Venue Showroom located in Wichita, KS. Exhibiting the wonderful works of:


2 dogs Concrete Designs


Craig Campbell


Ernest Vincent Wood III


Benson Sculpture Garden

2018 - Our new sculpture "Into the Wind" is installed as part of the permanent collection at Benson Sculpture Garden, Loveland Colorado. 


Bucknell Bison

It's with great honor that we announce the new Bucknell University Bison. This 8' bronze Bison is prominently installed on campus outside Kenneth Langone Athletics and Recreation Center.  (full article below)


Monument Guys

History and art come together at the Crucible Foundry in Norman, Okla. Started in 1999 by brothers Mark and Steve Palmerton, the Crucible's staff helps to bring history to life by creating bronze statues of figures from the past -- whether dead or alive, well-known or forgotten. Led by sculptor Craig Campbell, the team researches, sculpts and casts bronze statues of the historic figures.

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