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Thanks for stopping by.  Here you can find  new, and in-progress works,  and a look behind the scenes at Craig Campbell Studios.

"In the Studio" series!

 Here is raw, unedited video from a recent interview with the amazing videographer, and friend, Herb Saperstone. In this video series we cover  sculpting topics such as "Getting Started", "Inspiration", "Heroes", "Teaching", "Money", and many more.  Stay tuned for a look behind the scenes at Craig Campbell Studio!

Over the Moon!

Over the Moon!

"Tis he! I know him now: I shall jump over the Moon for Joy!"

(Charles Molloy's The Coquet 1718)

Inspiration…most of my life I’ve been fascinated by the ways we express to each other how we feel.
Countless times I’ve used this phrase, or heard it used, and the image of a Jester, or clown,
leap-frogging over the moon would surface in my mind.
As an artist, I have the ability to communicate through artworks, much like how others
communicate verbally, musically, or in writing. I’m inspired to communicate in a positive,
fun, whimsical manner to help spread the joy I feel in creating to those that would appreciate
my works.
A smile can be contagious! Over the Moon is meant to spread a bit of happiness in an often
difficult world, and hopefully share a smile with all who engage with it

Cat and Mouse

"Cat and Mouse"

This piece depicts a Sphinx searching for a mouse that is hiding in the pots. If you look closely you can find the mouse before she does. :)

Cat and Mouse began as a "Scribble" that I then sculpted and cast into bronze.

Jungle Buddies

Jungle Buddies

These pieces originated as clay sketches and were so delightful we just had to mold and cast them into bronze.